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2020 and 2021 have been tough for the automotive industry and the on-lot vehicle selection is sparse across the country. This has allowed dealers with vehicles to jack up their prices. Durango Ford doesn’t want these obstacles to be passed down to our guests. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, we recommend placing an order with your trusted dealer.

When you order your new Ford at Durango Ford you will get top class concierge service along with:

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What To Expect When You Order Your Ford

Get the best price and expert consultation on the Ford that fits your lifestyle and needs. Pick and choose how your new vehicle looks and runs from the roof down.


Our Ford experts will listen to your vehicle needs to help you determine your best fit. We will walk through your model selection and all the features, packages, exterior, and interior options available. Then we will place your order!


Once we have placed your order, you will receive a personal VIN to track the progress of your vehicle. Typically, it can take up to three months for your truck, car, or SUV to be built and delivered. We will do everything we can to speed this up.


You can't lose with incentives. We offer the best incentives on the day you drive home with your new customized Ford. Either lock in today's incentives or use future incentives when your Ford is ready for pickup. This gives you the option to pick the best incentives, making your best price vehicle even better.

We Are Paying Top Dollar For Used Vehicles


Used vehicles have never been worth more. Get the best possible price for your vehicle when you choose Durango Ford. We’re happy to appraise your vehicle when you come in to build your Ford and will honor the price when your new car arrives.

Build & Price Your Own 2021 Ford Vehicle

Select from the model options below to build your own vehicle online with the options you want. You will have the option to submit your build to Durango Ford, so we can help you place the official order.

Why Order From Durango Ford

Durango Ford runs off of company values that ensure guests always get the best price and the best car buying experience. We will always put your needs before ours and go above-and-beyond to make sure you get the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Our consultants are paid off of your satisfaction, not the commission of your sale. It’s in our best interest to provide you with the vehicle you want. Durango Ford will work with you to build a perfect Ford to fit your needs and keep you within your budget.

Visit the Ford Vehicle Showroom to view all models and options.

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